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Expressive Arts and Creative Workshops


 Give children crayons and they will happily scribble, draw, color, and enjoy the process.  They aren’t concerned about the end results. They just have a good time along the way!  The creative arts and expressive arts are alive and well when we are young.

This is my theory: we all used to feel comfortable making art, and somewhere along the line, we were told we couldn’t draw, that it didn’t look like a dog, that a tree isn’t purple, that we’re not good enough, and so we stopped.  The good news is that our innate creativity is alive and well, and is just waiting to come back out and play.

2KatStudios is here for that purpose.  Come along and try your hand at collage, stamping, mosaics, SoulCollage®, paint, clay…..know that there is no “right or wrong” with creativity.  I provide a fun, safe place to slowly return to your expressive, creative self.  And the sense of community that builds through creative workshops and expressive arts makes it even more worthwhile.

Create some “Me” time for yourself, and check out my new workshops in Prescott, AZ!

NOTE:  I have a free e-book of 12 favorite poems for you to find.  This of it as a little scavenger hunt on my website….you’ll be able to download it right away once you find the link!


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