Mosaics, Spirit Wands, SoulCollage®, and other creative workshops at 2KatStudios.

Registration and Payment: All sessions require pre-registration and payment. You can pay online via PayPal. Register for your workshop by clicking the link at the end of the description. If you are paying by check, you may print the form and mail it with your payment. Please contact Kat for more information. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

I am pleased to be hosting some wonderful guest artist workshops, as well as offering several events myself. Why not give yourself the gift of creativity and join us sometime?


Creating Small Journals
NEW DATE TBA 10am – 4pm

If you love small books, and have wanted to create your own special journals, then this is the workshop for you! You will create up to 3 small journals using file folders and wonderful collage papers and washi tape. The journals can have a theme of your choice, and can be created as a gift for someone, or to use to record your next vacation or special event. All materials and supplies are provided. Bring a sack lunch or plan to go out during our lunch break.

The workshop is $65, plus a materials fee of $10 payable to Kat at the session.


Painted Mandala Rocks
February 17, 2018 10am – 4pm

Meditative and relaxing, mandalas (or circle) represent the universe in a repetitive pattern. You will paint your personal mandala designs onto smooth flat rocks from the Salt River. Starting with a guided visualization, you will then begin designing your mandala. Transferring your design onto the rock, you will then use acrylic paints and paint pens to give it color and life! Have fun with this project, which can then be used as a paperweight or doorstop at home. All materials and supplies are provided. Bring a sack lunch or plan to go out during our lunch break.

The workshop is $65, plus a materials fee of $10 payable to Kat at the session.
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“Outside the Box” – a creative mixed-media workshop
with Laurie Mika
March 3-4, 2018

View workshop and registration information.


“Beaded Bling-y” Mixed Media Mosaics
BIG Arts, Sanibel, FL
March 15, 2018

View workshop and registration information.


Spirit Wands
May 12, 2018 10am – 1pm

If you’ve ever felt that a magic wand might be helpful in your life, here’s your chance to create one of your very own. You will use sticks, yarn, feathers, shells, beads and more to create this special spirit wand. Meditative and fun, you will enjoy infusing your wand with an intention, a wish, or an affirmation. We will use journaling, poetry, meditation and a closing ritual to share the power of our wands. Be sure to bring any special charms or other items you might want to include. All materials and supplies are provided. Bring a sack lunch or plan to go out during our lunch break.

The workshop is $65, plus a materials fee of $10 payable to Kat at the session.
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Mosaics 101
May 29, June 5, June 12 | 1-4 pm (3 sessions)

This popular art form is everywhere, and you might think, “I could do that,” but don’t know where to begin. Even if you have worked with mosaics before, come try something new. Learn how to choose colors and textures that work for you, how to design your piece, how to apply the tiles and much more. Create a beautiful one-of-a-kind mosaic mirror, and you will be on your way to covering all sorts of surfaces with mosaics! Dress for a mess.

The workshop is $120 9 hours of instruction, plus a materials fee of $20 payable to the instructor at the first class.
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The Labyrinth as Creative Muse
Nov 10, 2018 10:00 AM – Nov 11, 2018 4:00 PM

The labyrinth can be a place to open up to the creative muse. Walking the labyrinth enables our right brain which is the creative, intuitive side of our brain, to open, explore and connect to the imagination, as the left part of the brain focuses on following the labyrinth path.

In this two-day workshop, we will explore walking the labyrinth to deepen our creativity, and integrate and deepen our experience of the spiral path through a number of creative practices which will include making labyrinth intention boxes, a set of spirit stones, and making SoulCollage® cards which incorporate labyrinthine energy.

The workshop is $225, plus a materials fee of $25 payable at the workshop.
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Date: TBD

Come play in the studio with me as we choose, arrange and attach pieces of treasures to a substrate of your choosing. (Trays, boxes, plaques, musical instruments – bring whatever you’d like to enhance!) We will discuss laying out our designs, which adhesive to use, and how to prepare and finish the surface. Dress for a mess!

The workshop is $65 plus $15 materials fee.


Altered Books
Date: TBD

An Altered Book is a piece of mixed media artwork featuring an old book that has had new life breathed into it. Participants in this workshop will cut, tear, glue, paint, collage, stamp, fold and adorn the pages in whatever direction your imagination takes you. Choose from a variety of old books and begin to create something unique. You might use some of the text already there, or cover it up with gesso and start over. You might follow a theme or topic or work randomly and without a plan. Altered books are a great way to begin a new creative journal, as that “staring at a blank page” is not an issue! Enjoy the process!

The workshop is $65 plus $10 materials fee.


Stamp Carving
Date: TBD

Create a one-of-a-kind original stamp and have fun! Using special carving material and tools, we will talk about design ideas, and the concept of negative and positive spaces. Carving your own personal stamp is an enjoyable, meditative process and you’ll be amazed at how great even the most simple design turns out!

The workshop is $39 and includes materials.


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Read what participants have said about their workshop experience with Kat.

“All of SoulCollage® has depth, power, and spirituality for me.  I love the people that are drawn to it who are living a conscious life and walking a spiritual path.  It was so special to have a week’s time for feeding my soul with SoulCollage® and the spirit of place at Ghost Ranch.”  —Sherry E.


“Kat knows what she is doing, puts people at ease, and creates a professional yet compassionate environment in which to make art.”   —Denise J.


“I’ve gained insight into how Spirit is guiding me and will always walk beside me.  I experienced many “ah-ha” moments.”  —Cheryl O.



SoulCollage® Skype Session with Kat!

If you’ve made a SoulCollage® card that baffles you or that you are not sure “what it means”…..if you have a card that is difficult to speak from the “I Am One Who”…if you want to do a reading with a witness….or if you just need some support about your SoulCollage® process…..let’s Skype!

Skype is free to download and once you have your account, we will find a time to talk and share your cards when it’s convenient to both of us.  (and you can even be in your pajamas!).

Sign up here for the Skype download and let’s Skype!

Skype Sessions $60.00 for one hour



 12 Poems for SoulCollage® – FREE!

I’ve complied a dozen of my favorite poems to use in workshops and retreats, and want to share them with you!  Visitors to my website who have managed to read all the way down to this point can download this eBook for free!

Download your free copy!


Disclaimer:  Kat Kirby reserves the right to cancel any workshops or training courses, or the participation of anyone, at any time, for any reason. In such a case, fees paid in advance will be reimbursed.




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